DETOMASO lifehack

Chop wood for a whole day.

Instead of hitting the gym and doing weights, go out and chop wood for a day.

The alternative workout:

You'll relieve some stress while building muscles. You're outside breathing in a beautiful cocktail of fresh and clean oxygen. And when you look into the mirror at the end of the day, you will certainly notice what you've done. On the following day you will feel muscles in places you had no idea even existed. Out you go! Naturally wearing a check shirt, boots and the DETOMASO STEPPENWOLF.

DETOMASO lifehack

Find a good fitting shirt.

Chic or sporty, plaid or striped, business style or leasure wear: The shirt is one of the most important clothing items in the life of a man. However, it rarely really fits the way it should: The collar is may be too tight, the tie too loose, or too tight across the shoulders... and you can end up looking like a fool.

You can do better than that!

So here are the most important attributes to look out for so your new shirt has the right fit for you:

  • Pay attention to the sleeves! About half an inch of the shirt sleeve should be visible under stick out of the jacket.
  • Your new shirt's stylish collar should be visible! The jacket's lapel should just slightly cover the outer edge of it.
  • Make sure you show off that neat collar of the shirt. So make sure it's not covered by the jacket.
  • The DETOMASO CLASSIC MAN on your wrist should just slightly be covered by the cuff.

Now you're a pro, as for the rest... you will feel it.

DETOMASO lifehack

Agree with your mother in law.

So you are a TOUGH GUY? Then let this be a challenge. Agreeing with your mother in law might take courage but it will be worth it.

Read about why you should try this:

Find a topic that the two of you completely disagree on and do the opposite: Agree with her and watch the magic: You will leave her baffled, flabbergasted, even speechless. And you? You will be amused about the funny faces for weeks to come. And in case you don't have a mother in law, why not try to baffle your oh so beloved boss.

DETOMASO lifehack

How your halloween-prank will come off perfectly.

Let your dark side take over and scare your folks:

Hide a creepy mask in a cupboard, or a pair of eyeballs in the sink. Or maybe a detached hand in the fridge… scare them where they won't see it coming, when they least expect it. Try first thing in the morning in the bathroom, when your target is half asleep and ripe for the picking.

Now get your thrill-game going with the ADRENAILINE JUNKIE.

DETOMASO lifehack


With the Moustache as its symbol, the Movember-Initiative is all about enhancing and prolonging men's life and health.

And this is how to grow and keep the perfect moustache:

  1. Be patient: First you have to grow the material.
  2. It's here now but still shapeless. While trimming, pay attentions to the symmetry as to not have it be longer on any side.
  3. An adequate shaving set is highly recommend. Trim the stubborn and the annoying bits that either tickle you or end up being unhygienic.
  4. Special pomade for bears will keep your moustache in shape against many different weather conditions.
  5. Your moustache is not like the hair on your head. It needs special care products to keep it flexible and healthy.

Wear it proudly and participate in the Movember-Initiative! Donations and more information can be found directly on the homepage:


DETOMASO lifehack

You're the Bartender – Bloody Mary

You're the bartender and want to score some points on your date with your self-made cocktail: The Bloody Mary. Savory in taste, with an enlivening effect, it's the perfect drink for your date. This is how to mix it:

  • 4.5 cl vodka
  • 9 cl tomato juice
  • 1.5 cl lemon juice
  • 2 to 3 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 dashes of Tabasco Sauce
  • 1 dash of celery salt
  • 1 dash of black pepper

Ignore the Vodka and the ice, mix the rest in the shaker, fill a glass with it, tuck in the ice cubes and topple the vodka all over it: Voilà, your self-made Bloody Mary!

DETOMASO lifehack

Be creative! Build your own personal burger.

You know the feeling? You’re hungry, even starving! Pasta, pizza or worse, a salad just wouldn’t satisfy any of this hunger. You’re seriously lusting for a real, manly meal? A burger? But the usual cheeseburger and the likes ain’t cutting it either?
You’re a man of action, help yourself.

Be creative! Build your own personal burger.

Grab different supplements, salads, toppings. Peanut butter, mushrooms or nachos for example! Combine vegetables, sauces and seeds. Have you ever tried caramelized beer onions? Or bacon-stuffed burgers? Fancy some Thai? Then go for Thai-chicken as burger! Find out what works – and what really doesn’t.
Test various spices, tastes and dips and build it: Your individual, ultimate burger.

It will be so much better than any ordinary burger!

DETOMASO lifehack

Explain it correctly: Offside vs. being level.

You know it, your buddies know it. The soccer game is about to hit a high, your team is playing towards the goal, suspense rising, a pass is being played but you stay cool. The receiving player of your team, was still level. Yet one of the women starts shouting: "Offside!"….! Keep calm.

Explain it correctly: Offside vs. being level.

Start slowly…. What does offside really mean? It’s to be "in a distance to something else". Now set it into context! "You’re standing in a shop and move towards the cash desk, which there is only one. You are standing close to the cash register but on the same level is another woman. Now when your friend, who is somewhere behind you, throws to you the purse (the ball), it’s not a case of offside! You are not any more "in distance to" the action than the other women as she is on the same level!"

We’re pretty sure, if she doesn’t get it this way, she never will!

And now, if you want a personal challenge while explaining, throw on your AURINO’s stopwatch and check out how long you need to explain it correctly!

DETOMASO lifehack

This is how you survive the XMAS-season.

It’s this time of the year again. The advent season is in full swing. For some – mostly women - it’s the nicest time of the year, for others the total state of emergency. With Xmas melodies all over the TV, light chains, deers and glitter balls conquering inch for inch of your household, home is barely recognizable anymore...

Here are 3 survival-tips to get through:

  1. Keep calm, withdraw to Xmas free safezones.
  2. Geronimo right into the mood and become the best Santa there is.
  3. Safe-Zones ain’t enough? How about two months of Bora Bora or any place that keeps you away. And don’t worry, with the FIRENZE you’ll never lose sight of the time at home.

And now survive!

DETOMASO lifehack


Ginger cookies and goose - How to enjoy them without remorse.

We all know how it goes: We’ve been dieting for the summer and once it’s over, holiday season is coming and with it the notorious Xmas weight gain, thanks to the combination of tasty, greasy and cozy...

Brace yourself, here’s how to prevent it:

  1. Locate your slimmest pants: It will serve you as a rapid-alert-system, alarming you when it’s going critical.
  2. Eat more? Do more. Go for a run before attending the Christmas market.
  3. Sin all you want, but with a system: Go low carb during the week, so you can eat to your heart’s desire on the last 2 days...

Your team DETOMASO wishes you a tasty advent season.

DETOMASO lifehack

Ho, ho, how to be the perfect Santa Claus.

Ho, ho, how to be the perfect Santa Claus.

Eventually every man comes around to being someone’s Santa! Be it for the nieces and nephews, for friend’s kids, your own or maybe for your sweetheart... now then:

Costume time! Put on a full-on white beard, grab a golden book and a suitable gunny sack and you’re ready to go. Or are you? Don’t ruin the magic by wearing normal, boring shoes. Dig out the deep but gentle voice and commend away.

Have yourself the CASABONA ready to never skip a beat in your time management as Santa Clause.

DETOMASO lifehack

You’re the bartender: Burned Punch

You’re sick and tired of the glorified mulled wine? Here is the recipe for a real classic that not only delivers in eye-candy but in action and taste. The perfect drink for a real man.

What you need:

  • 2 oranges, unwaxed, organic,
  • 2 lemons, unwaxed, organic,
  • 1 stick cinnamon,
  • 2 anise,
  • 5 cloves,
  • 2 litres red wine,
  • 1 bottle of rum (at least 54% alcohol),
  • 1 sugar loaf.

Cut the fruits into thin slices. Put spices, fruits and wine into a large pot and heat it. Place the sugar loaf above the pot, soak it with rum and ignite it. Once the sugar loaf completely dropped into the pot, you’re ready to go. How long is the sugar loaf burning? The AURINO will tell you!

DETOMASO lifehack

Get the perfect present for your girl - Like a boss.

Christmas is approaching in high-speed, as is the ever-returning question: What to get for your partner?

Get some inspiration right here:

  • Jewelry is always a winner but should be handled with caution! A ring always bears the possibility of raising some undesirable expectations. A chain or some wristband is much less precarious.
  • Dessous: Both of you are going to enjoy that. Make sure to not buy according to your wishful ideas but her actual size.
  • Cards for a concert or a weekend pure d’amour will certainly double the fun: On Christmas and on the event itself.

And while you’re at it, don’t skip yourself, grant yourself something nice, for example a DETOMASO MILANO Chronograph.

DETOMASO lifehack

Fell your own Christmas tree.

Of course you can buy a Christmas tree at every corner. But nothing beats that awesome feeling of going into the woods with your axe or saw and swinging away at the tree of your choice to make it come down. And as the manly act it is, it’s met and rewarded with admiration!

And as a bonus:
It doesn’t even matter how the tree really looks like. It still will be the fairest Christmas tree there is.

Obviously you want to stop the time with the FIRENZE, in case you hit a super record to brag about.

Go get your tree now!

DETOMASO lifehack

How to wrap like a boss.

Put some effort into the packaging! Your present is worth it and so is the donee. It doesn’t have to be the art but with some quick ruses and knacks, your present’s gonna be an eye-catcher.

Valorize your present - how to wrap like a boss:

Don’t just take any wrapping paper, go for something special: unicolored, shiny or matte. Add a nice strip to it, maybe a wider one made out of fabric.
Go for a contrast, or even finer, a tone-in-tone. This simple but sophisticated style of packaging goes a long way to ennoble your present. Lastly, add some tiny detail like a stamp or a star and voilà - done!

The FIRENZE will tell you, how fast you were.

DETOMASO lifehack

Christmas Eve at your parents-in-law.

You’re approaching a serious matter: Her parents invited you! Mess it up and you’ll be confronted with it any chance they or your girl gets. So to give yourself peace on Christmas Eve, follow this advice:

Suit up! Or at least wear something classy but don’t neglect your clothes’ stretchability, especially around the waistband. Naturally you are completely enthusiastic about the presented menu and overly complaisant about any kind of performance, be it a poem, music or worse, while entirely refraining from performing something yourself.

Get yourself involved in the table talk but strictly avoid provocative subjects like sex, politics or religion!
Saying farewell only ever takes place after the dessert and the probably too highly anticipated present unwrapping…

Consider wearing a big watch, to mask your restless stares of departure, checking your timepiece countless of times. Wear a PALERMO.

DETOMASO lifehack

Go wild - Your perfect New Year’s Eve.

Start the New Year the way the old one ends: With an awesome party.
No matter if it’s a bad taste motto, a 1920 or movie-star theme or just a classic party: You set the rules, so go wild, go crazy. Gather your best friends, they will shine more than any firework possibly could but nonetheless, add some nifty firework to it. Some real impressive firework rockets! Get your music-act together, it’s got to be absolutely rocking.

But whatever you end up doing, you’re the man, do it with conviction and style. There’s not much to add on pure awesomeness, except for a real classy FIRENZE on your sleeve to count down into the New Year.

Let 2016 finish with a bang, for an incredible kick start into 2017!

DETOMASO lifehack


You’re in the woods, camping with your buddies, the kids or being romantic with your girl and the sun is about to vanish.
It’s a man’s job to prepare a real cozy campfire.

How to build a campfire:

You need dry wood. If it’s wet outside, you best check out the interior of logs, search under ledges and other places that are protected from wetness. Next you need thin leaves and branches and more soft wood like fir or spruce, as well as some more thick branches.
Got everything together?

Then it’s time to build a pyramid. Put the thin branches into the interior and frame them with the more thick ones. Now lit the fire at the core of the pyramid and voilá!

The FIRENZE RETRO will tell you just the right time to light the fire.

DETOMASO lifehack


A well-fitting shirt is just as good as it’s ironed. Prove you have style and score bonus points on your date! It’s easy as cake, not only for your ma.

The correct order does the trick to prevent you from crumpling already ironed spots or ironing in additional folds:

  1. The collar
  2. The yoke
  3. The sleeves – lay them on top of each other but don’t iron over the edges.
  4. The back
  5. The front
  6. And done!

Protip: If you are absolutely sure you won’t take off your jacket, the dazzler’s method is all you need: The Collar, the cuffs, the front.

Let your MILANO stop your time.